Experiencing a new color routine with the pandemic

With the pandemic, we are experiencing a new routine where we had to drastically slow down
and spend more time at home. With that, it’s natural to start to notice more in the
environments we spend most of the days. During this period, you must have already stopped
to think that your room, for example, could be even cozier. Or that your home office should be
a more stimulating and productive environment. So, know that colors are fundamental for this
and, just by painting some walls, it is already possible to change the entire atmosphere of the
spaces. Below, we’ve separated a selection to show how different shades create different
impressions in each environment.
The shades of blue are natural relaxing because they allude to the sea, the sky and freedom.
Everything that brings us calm and tranquility. They are able to create that mood in any style of
decor, such as in this urban environment. That’s because blues are versatile and offer many
combination possibilities. Here, the walls gained two tones to give personality to the
environment. They are: Nimbus and Iron Bar.
Room with a large gray pillow in the foreground, with a blanket in a blue tone on top. On the
right side, we can see a kitchen unit with a built-in stove and a red penal on top. In the
background, a door painted in Nimbus color with its color icon, and a wooden panel. Above,
the wall is painted Iron Bar color and there is the color icon.